Chapter 2: Maps and Options

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Chapter 2: Maps and Options

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Sun 08 Jun 2008, 16:43

2. Maps and Options

2.1. Which map?

Which map do you have to choose to start with RTW/BI MP? A flat one or a smooth hilly for the beginning.
Mountain or hilly has too much advantage for defender and are not fair.

The original maps are too few.
You can edit the custom_locations.txt in bi\custom folder.
Open the custom editor launching RTW with the option enable editor
("C:\Program\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -enable_editor). Find your location on the strategic map. Write coordintes down.
Open custom_locations.txt and add your new custom map with the standard format

custom_location My Grassland
location 123 96
image data/menu/grass1.tga
sett_locked no
summer no

You can also download some interesting maps from and
Or directly ask the authors of this guide.

2.2. Other Options (more than) suggested

Some options are suggested to have a nice and fair game:
- No arcade game type
- Ammunition limits
- No time limit.
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