Chapter 2: Maps and Options.

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Chapter 2: Maps and Options.

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Mon 09 Jun 2008, 19:19

2. Maps and Options

2.1. Which map?

Which map do you have to choose to start with M2TW MP? A flat one or a smooth hilly for the beginning.
Mountain or hilly has too much advantage for defender and are not fair.
The original maps are few.

You can also download some interesting maps from
Or directly ask the authors of this guide.
You can also create your own custom maps. You need the battle editor for that.
This is done by adding two new lines to the medieval2.preference.cfg file

editor = true

With these lines in, when you launch the game, click on Options and the Battle Editor will appear.

Follow specific threads on if you want to learn how to use the battle editor for M2TW.

2.2. Other Options (more than) suggested

Some options are suggested to have a nice and fair game:
- No time Limit
- Difficulty: Medium to Very High

You can choose the Age (Era):
- high
- low
- late
- all periods.

From high to late the technology in warefare developed with gunpowder, giving at your disposal muskets and cannons. Also pikes were used in late medieval armies with great impact in tactics.

The difficulty set up has some impact on morale and tiredness of troops.
On high difficulty your troops will rout more easily if losing combat, and will become tired more quickly, so increasing the tactical and strategical wideness of the game.
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