Chapter 9: Mode, Special Formations and Upgrades.

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Chapter 9: Mode, Special Formations and Upgrades.

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Sun 08 Jun 2008, 19:26

9. Mode, Special Formations and Upgrades

9.1. Modes

Your units can be set up in different fight modes. Each mode has its own characteristics.

9.1.1. Defend Mode, Engage at Will

You can toggle the Defend or Engage at Will fight modes.
When Engaging at Will your units will fight in a classical melee way trying to kill as many enemy as they can.
Use engage at will mode when you want to break through enemy lines fast. Axes, strong swords, elite melee units usually fight in engage at will mode.
If set up on Defend Mode your units will fight in place holding the position.
They will fight for longer, causing fewer casualties and getting fewer casualties.
They will not follow fleeing enemy units if not commanded too with a double right click.
Use defend mode if you want to hold and wait for help coming. A classical use is: hold in center, win with wings and hit enemy center in the back with wing units.

To toggle defend or engage at will mode press D key.

9.1.2. Skirmish Mode

This mode is typical for missile units: foot and horse archers.
If set on skirmish mode your missile units will try to disengage if attacked by enemy units. They will run away and will try to keep their distance from enemy units approaching.
This mode can give more time to your foot archer before being caught by enemy cavalry. More time to react and defend your archers with your cavalry asnd spearmen.
If set on skirmish mode your light and quick horse archers cannot be reached by enemy heavy cavalry.

If set on skirmish mode your units will get a penalty in melee. So if you want to use these missile units in melee, it is better for you to toggle skirmish mode off.

To toggle skirmish mode press S key.

9.1.3. Fire At Will

This mode is typical for missile units: foot and horse archers.
If set on fire at will mode your missile units will hit any unit coming within their shooting range without any explicit and specific command with your mouse right click.
With this mode set to on you do not have to make sure enemy is in range: your missile units will shoot as soon as enemy is in range.

To toggle fire at will mode press A key.

9.1.4. Loose formation

This mode is good to suffer less casualties if shot by missiles.

9.2. Special Formations

These formations are specific of some units.
To toggle special formation press F key.

9.2.1. Pike Wall mode

Some units can perform pike wall mode.
If set on pikewall mode your unit will rise a compact wall of spears and pikes. It will increase its defensive capability, both in melee against infantry and to stop cavalry charge.
The unit is slow moving when in pikewall formation.
Pikewall is a powerful formation, remember to set it up if you are engaging enemy.

9.2.2. Skiltron

Some spearmen can form a skiltron. When in skiltron formation they can fight and hold even if charged in the back.
When in skiltron the unit is more vulnerable to missile shots.
The unit is slow when in skiltron.

9.2.3. Wedge

Wedge is specific to melee cavalry. It is not clear if it has some effect on unit behavior. If you have any ideas let me know, thanks. Anyway wedge formation makes it simpler to manouvre and to slip into gaps in enemy lines.

9.2.4. Cantabrian Circle

It is specific for some barbarian horse archer units. When in cantabrian formation horse archers run in circle while shooting. They are less vulnerable to missile shots.
It is a powerful formation: horse archers in cantabrian circle easily win the shootout against any foot archer unit.

9.3. Upgrades

A unit can be upgraded with:
- armour
- weapon
- valour.

If you have low florins budget is it better to upgrade lower quality units or is it better to choose better quality units?
In general it is worth choosing a better quality unit.
But this is not set to be the rule.
Some low morale units could be valour upgraded and used with success.

Upgrading Armour (Shield)

Upgrading armour means 1 defensive factor more as protection against missile and 1 defensive factor more in melee.
Foot archers upgrade in armour could be a good choice to protect them in shootout phase.

Upgrading Weapon (Sword)

Upgrading weapon means 1 attack factor more in melee.

Upgrading Valour

Valour upgrade increases morale.
It increases 1 to attack combat factor and 1 to defence combat factor every 3 upgrades starting from upgrade number 1. So it is a good idea to upgrade 1.
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