Mongol Tech Tree

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Mongol Tech Tree

Post by barocca on Sun 28 Jul 2013, 15:17

(as posted at TWC)

to get mongols into campaign we'll need a tech tree, with a few buildings and all the graphics that go along with that, they will have a starting province, and possibly a second appearing a few turns into the game, (via a pro-mongol rebellion in a neutral province)

Mongols will be a different culture, requiring different buildings,

i was thinking a basic ship landing (port) giving access to Mongol Horse Archers and 1 or 2 basic "conscript" troops (koreans/song),
and allowing a stable and armorer allowing conscript horse and slighter tougher conscript troop types, (mongol foot troops at this level, or the next??)
then a better port, and a "campaign" building allowing Mongol Heavy Cavalry, any remaining conscript forces,
then a developed port, improved armorer, improved stable, improved campaign building and one or two other facilities allowing the Yuan troop types and some morale or honor improvements to previous types,
last level would be high end stable, armorer and the like, further improving some troop type stats??

not complicated, this is an invasion army, we are trying to replicate the "organizational" buildings needed to sort the freshly landed troops into cohesive units.

ideas NEEDED!


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