Problems with battles.

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Problems with battles.

Post by ^Jochi Khan^ on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 19:50

Some of our battles are starting to take on a pattern.

Last night, again, we had a case of players being disconnected either from steam or game.

The 3v3-- ^Marcus^ ^Jochi Khan^ ^Tsavong^ v's three other players. Game hosted by ^Tsavong^

The one player took an all Ninja army which Marcus fronted and I moved across to trap him between us. We totally wiped him out.
This left two opponents to face a strong three player attack.
We had that game almost won when........Marcus and Tsavong both dropped from the game. I got a 'freeze', meaning the units could not be selected or moved but the camera moved around the screen where ever I wanted it to.

The game took me to battle end screen and although we had the highest kills and game hadn't finished our opponents were awarded the 'Win'

I then had to Ctrl Alt Del to get out of the game.

I have read that this is a 'cheat' called DropHacking where a player losing a battle can cause you to drop or lose connection with the game and giving them the win.

Something that is being widely used especially in order to climb the Ladder listings.
Unfortunately it appears to be widely known to many of the MP players.

I haven't been able to find out yet how it is done.

We can only hope that CA will be able to correct this in a patch, sooner rather than later.


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Last night’s battle

Post by ^Tsavong^ on Thu 15 Sep 2011, 20:50

I just watched the replay of last night’s battle I thought it was going well and quite fun the guy with the ninja army did well at the start using his gen and a unit of cav to chase off my scouting light cav to give the illusion that his army may be in the woods hidden. He did however use his army too soon and should have waited an till this allies were ready to attack if he hit ^Marcus^ at the same time as black they may have been able to scatter his army.

We all had the freeze as when Shogun loses connection with the game or other players the game stops waiting for them to regain connection or to drop from the game so it is worth sticking it out and not crashing out.

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Re: Problems with battles.

Post by ^Tomisama^ on Fri 16 Sep 2011, 12:47

I think you can drop-hang a game easy enough by just pausing it, and waiting for the other player to quit. Not sure, as have never tried.

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Re: Problems with battles.

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