Clans ?

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Clans ?

Post by Nigel on Wed 09 Mar 2011, 21:20

Hi Jochi,

what is going to happen in terms of clans ?

Are the Mizus getting back together?
Or are we going to join the .org clan?
Or remain as Ronin?

I just wondered what you and the other Nomads are thinking.


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Re: Clans ?

Post by ^Jochi Khan^ on Fri 11 Mar 2011, 15:56

Hi Nigel,

To answer your questions as far as clans are concerned. I can only answer for myself ^HUN^ doesn't play now and I am not aware of what ^Marcus^ has decided to do yet.

1. I don't know if Mizu are getting back together having had no playing contact with them since RTW was released.

2. I would not be joining the .org clan.

3. I will remain as Ronin for the time being but wearing the ^.......^ Nomad tags.

We already have a ^Nomad Alliance^ Steam Group set up with over 60 members joined.

If we wanted to play in the MP Clan Campaign this group could be used as a Clan Group.
Not all the members would be available though because some are already in their own clans.

It was always intended that the ^Nomad Alliance^ would be open to clan and non clan members.

I will leave ^Marcus^ to post his own thoughts on the subject.


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