Linksys Router

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Linksys Router

Post by ^Tomisama^ on Tue 01 Feb 2011, 23:47

Hi John Smile

Saw your message the other day but you were gone (not a computer I use all the time).

I have a Motorola SB5120 SURFboard Cable Modem hooked to a LINKSYS Wireless N Broad band Router WRT300N v1.1

Probably not much help if you are on DSL.



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Re: Linksys Router

Post by ^Jochi Khan^ on Tue 29 Mar 2011, 16:43

Hi Tomi

I now have a new BT Home Hub 2.0 (the black one)

No problems with connecting to games or players connecting to my hosted games. cheers

Marcus and Zerg (Tsavong) can now connect to my games. cheers

BT should have listened to me in the first place. Razz


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