Rules in games.

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Rules in games.

Post by ^Glyndwr^ on Tue 01 Jun 2010, 00:50

For as long as I have been playing TotalWar (May 2002) there have been rules added to the MP game.

They have been added with the agreement of the players. (Types of units...Max number of certain units...etc, etc)

Unfortunately, some players still arrive on the battlefield having selected units that are not allowed in that particular game.

I have been in many games where the host has warned the players that anyone breaking the rules in any way the game will be 'dropped'.

Last night I had cause to 'drop' a game because one player disregarded the One artillery maximum rule. (He had selected two units of artillery) which could have given him an unfair advantage.

I apologised to the remaining players and pointed out to the one what he had done wrong before dropping the game. I had no reply in the chat window.


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Re: Rules in games.

Post by Nigel on Mon 07 Jun 2010, 20:36

A pity indeed. We were just getting nicely into position for a good battle.

But you did the right thing. What is the point in having rules if you dont play by them or tolerate their breach.
Well, we had quite a few good games already and so lets hope this sort of behaviour remains an exception.

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