After the Battle

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After the Battle

Post by Nigel on Thu 08 Apr 2010, 19:08

Well, if this is the campfire, what better place to sit down and talk about the battles we have fought.


Let me begin with yesterdays fight, our Anglo French Entente (Marcus, Glyndwr and myself) against a group of well experiened adversaries. For me, who is still figuring out how many things work in this game, it was a great leap ahead (I dont get a chance to play much more often than once a week, so I am trying to pick up things on the fly).

I managed to get my cannon to shoot at the enemy and not my own men, managed to form a square at the right moment, when the enemies cavalry charged, and figured out how my general can shout and motivate the troops nearby. It was a good battle, even though we lost, and I felt mightily proud that I was the last one of us standing. Although that may be more due to the fact that I was slow to get going when we attacked and fought very defensively.

Yes, I actually felt so comfortable in my position and with the couple of easy victories in the early phase of the game, that I completely forgot about the concept of Attacker/Defender, which seems to be part of all TW games. Anyway, I did get going in the end and tried to join up with you, Marcus, in your battle on the littel hill in the middle. But when I got there, your flank was already disintegrating and I could only step in to hold out a bit longer. Next time I try to be better in line.

At some point I noticed that one of my units would only melee attack and not shoot anymore. Is there an ammunition limit in NTW ? Or did I just somehow lock the melee button. Also, how do you guys group you men ? I try to group all units of a kind together. Is that wise or should I rather try to mix the stronger ones with the weaker ones ?

Anyhow, as the battle went, my right flank ended up fighing the enemy on the little hill in the centre and my left was engaged in a confusing skirmish in the woods - can hardly see and tell friend and foe apart there. Somehow still they managed to win this and join with the right flank on the battle for the hill. Together they pushed the enemy off, but losses were too high and the remaining men trying to hold the hill were too few. In the end I found myself surrounded and re-enacting Custor's last stand.

It was a great battle, though and I enjoyed it a lot. Is there a chance to upload screenshots here ? Some of the action may make nice viewing to illustrate the battle tales.

Looking forward, Marcus and Glyndwr, to your side of this battle (of which I did not notice all too much with the action on my end) and thoughts on tactics and strategies of everyone.

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Re: After the Battle

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Mon 12 Apr 2010, 16:02

Hello Nigel,
I enjoyed our battle a lot also. I was a little bit over confident in that battle on that hill: after having disrupted some units of enemy I thought to have whole control of fight, but that “English” gamer in center was very strong and deployed his infantry better than me in woods and gave me a lesson …
So it is my fault but I learned a little. I have to deploy better for next battles: line of 2, better shots, well stuck into woods for strong protection (not engage in shots a wooded unit if you are not in wood also), melee and charge only with elite units (strong French old guard).
Well the game is good for me, worth the money and I began again playing TW after a long time.
I try to give some answers to your questions, as far as my limited experience can do:
- There is ammunition limit for infantry and cav, not for artillery. Look at the green bar near unit, or at the swords that indicates melle status if u have ammo.
- I do not use group a lot: only in initial movements to approach enemy, and have time to take a look at map and overall situation. I group all skirmish together, next group with line infantry or low cost infantry, next elite infantry.

^Marcus Cornelius^

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