update patch 0908a

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update patch 0908a

Post by barocca on Fri 24 Oct 2008, 08:03

seeing we have 4 mongol units needing minor tweaks here they are

install beta8, then this patch
->> 0908a <<-

0908a changelog

Korean Spears down to 200

Song Spears up to 300

Mongol Horse Archers +2 morale : charge SPEED up 2 to 26
(upping charge speed "should" give them more momentum (8%) and thus a longer time for charge bonus effect)

Song Tribal Light Cav anti-cav reduced 1 point from +3 to +2
MHC and YIL remain unchanged on +3
MKC and YHC remain unchanged on +0

note did not add more arrows to MHA's yet, lets see how they go h2h


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