How to make a copy of vanilla MTW/VI/Patch v2.01

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How to make a copy of vanilla MTW/VI/Patch v2.01

Post by ^Glyndwr^ on Fri 23 May 2008, 23:41

To make a copy of your vanilla MTW/VI/v2.01

A fresh install of MTW/VI 2.01 is required or a copy of such a version.

To make a simple copy, go to the Total War folder (C:/Programs/Total War) and right click on the Medieval folder, select copy, now right click somewhere else in the Total War folder and select paste. Voila, a new folder named "Copy of Medieval". Open the folder, find the MedievalTW.exe, right click the exe, hold the button, drag it to the desktop, let go of the button, select "Create shortcut". Voila, a new shortcut to the copied version.
This way you leave your vanilla install unmodded. Of course you need to install the SamWars mod to the copied folder you just created.

Written by and thanks to R'as al Ghul

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