Sohei, and Ikko

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Sohei, and Ikko

Post by barocca on Mon 13 Oct 2008, 14:23

Hoganji has always been intended to have a selection of unique units,

mostly they will be unique light infantry types to represent the temple guards and peasant forces,
quite a variety are possible, all will e slightly less armour.

i propose they have access to a VERY limited range of regular japanese samurai units, possibly only yarisam, sam archer ( and maybe katana sam) ?comments?

i want to avoid superpowered warrior monks.
although the creme de la creme of warrior monks will be standard monks but with something extra, maybe give them a +1 shield to make them a fraction harder to knock down,
or perhaps a single extra point of morale,
or even perhaps an extra point of speed in walk / run / charge
something to make them a little better than faction monks, without over compensating.

the OTHER thing with Hoganji Faction will be cavalry, I propose they have NO access to regular japanese cavalry,
instead i'd like to give them these types

Yamabushi - Leader Cav - Bow - Naginata (= warrior monk stats on horseback without the anti cav penalty)
Sohei Yumi - Archer Cav - Bow - Katana (= hatamoto but with horse bow but less armour & +1 walk/run/charge)
Sohei Tsuki Nari - Heavy Spear Cav - Moon Spear (= heavy mongol spear cav but less armour)
Ikko Omi - Fast Spear Cav - Blade Spear (= Yari Cavalry but less armour & +1 walk/run/charge)
Ikko Yumi - Fast Archers Cav - Bow - Masakari Axe (reverse-spike) (= mongol cav archers but less morale)

The Yamabushi cav will be nasty in hand to hand, but they will be only the 11man leader size unit
the rest are slightly less effective than their equivalents in jap/mongol - their costs i would like to be equivalent to their counterparts

THUS these will not be additional japanese units, but a third faction mix altogether,
i think we can balance this fairly easily given the variety we now have for mongol and japan factions.
if the turn out a fraction weaker overall then it gives a challenging option to those players who think they are elite.

comments opinions?


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