Chapter 3: Florins

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Chapter 3: Florins

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Mon 09 Jun 2008, 19:18

3. Florins

A hard debate always occurs among MP Totalwar players about what standard for florins to adopt.
For M2TW the standard is between 10.000 and 15.000 florins each player. A game between 10k-15k florins can assure the best balance in choosing both low and high quality units. And that is the best for tactics and fun.
The 10.000 florins standard is the most often used at the moment.
A new M2TW gamer should choose this amount to begin practising.

Every reasoning made in the following chapters is based on a 10.000 florins standard.
But it could be applied to every 10k to 15k game.

Many veterans like few florins games: 7.000-8.000 florins each player. These types of games are very challenging.
Interesting games can take place at low money, where even low quality troop are worth the choice, and only few elite units can be choosen. Morale of your troops is the master, even little errors can cause the collapse of your army.
^Marcus Cornelius^

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