Chapter 1: Introduction

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Sun 08 Jun 2008, 16:44

1. Introduction
This document is intended as a first guide to the new players approaching the Multiplayer Player (MP) part of Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion (RTW/BI).
Before launching yourself in this exciting experience, just follow one piece of advice: play the game in Custom Battles against the AI. More than once. The AI is a stupid fellow. But will let you practice moving your army around and fighting in your first Totalwar style of play.

The path that this guide will follow is parallel to all the phases you will find in setting up and fighting a multiplayer game:
1. Choosing the battlefield (map) and other options
2. Choosing the denarii level for MP game
3. Selecting the faction
4. Choosing units
5. Deploying on battlefield
6. Starting, fighting and ending the battle.

Appendixes will discuss particular monothematic topics.
For example: particular stategies and tactics, Multiplayer’s Galateo, use of particular units and so on.

The guide is always under construction. Every contribution will ensure constant growth of chapters and appendixes.
^Marcus Cornelius^

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