Chapter 16: Appendix (i) Multiplayer's Galateo

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Chapter 16: Appendix (i) Multiplayer's Galateo

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Sat 31 May 2008, 11:35


16. MultiPlayer’s Galateo

..1. Game Rules
There are no set rules for the game. The Host decides the setup.
Some players are setting rules i.e. no elephants, no artillery, no berserkers etc. It is their opinion that using these types of units creates a disadvantage. Using balanced armies with denarii set between 10k-15k should make using rules unnecessary.

..2. Say hello and goodbye
When you join a game, say hello to the others, be polite. When the game is completed, whether the victor/s or the vanquished, say 'thank you' (gg). This is the honourable way to play and to behave.

..3. Spam
What is classed as spam?....
Examples...Picking an army of all Elite units. Picking an All Cavalry army where the units are bunched all together in one block, or blob.
In the Player Lobby...People who type continuous rows of text that makes it difficult for others to read their Chat.

..4. Language
Bad language, rascist remarks and insults do not belong in the game/game lobbies. In order to gain respect from others please refrain from this behaviour.

..5. Who is the attacker?
There is no definite attacker. Either side can attack or defend depending on their style of play.
Who does which will depend on the gameplay, the terrain, which factions have been chosen etc. (i.e one side may see an advantage in attacking and do so).

..6. Leaving the game
When joining a game be prepared to play it to its conclusion.
Leaving (exiting) a game before it is finished spoils the gameplay for the other players. Again, being an honourable player helps to ensure that you will be welcome when joining other games.
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