Chapter 17: Appendix (ii) The Ten Always

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Chapter 17: Appendix (ii) The Ten Always

Post by ^Marcus Cornelius^ on Sat 31 May 2008, 11:33


17. The Ten “Always” Basics For Team Multiplayers

These Ten Always were extracted from an old post on
They were written for Shogun Total War and Medieval Total War.
They still apply in Rome Total War.
Thanks to the unknown (to me) author. (See edit at bottom of post.)

"There are exceptions to every rule. Discuss the exceptions in deployment, but other than these temporary agreements, consider the rules as Always being understood.

As much as possible:

..1. Always stick together.
Move to link up, then move together as one coordinated killing machine.

..2. Always search for your enemies weakness.
Be ready to take advantage of their over confidence, latency, or forgetfulness. Given enough time in the battle, everyone is subject to these errors. Be on guard for yourself and your team mates.

..3. Always take the high ground first.
The “number one” objective is to provide this base of operations for the team. If there is a highest hill, you must have it, victory will follow.

..4. Always protect your generals.
Keep them out of the action. The loss of your armys leader lowers your whole army’s morale for the rest of the battle. For lack of a general an army was lost, for lack of an army a battle was lost. Keep him safe.

..5. Always look to double team a single, or triple a double.
The old hammer and anvil. One or two armys fix the enemies attention, while the others out flank and smash them.

..6. Always leave the isolated enemy army until last.
This is pure logic, go after the most of them with the most of your own. The straggling enemy army presents a juicy target but don’t be fooled. The battle is where the majority of the enemy is. (You could also say: always attack enemy army if it is isolated from its other allies armies)

..7. Always remember that you may have to become the rear guard for the group.
Moving to link up always leaves a part of the front empty. The army on the most exposed flank will be at risk of being out flanked. If that should happen, it could mean disaster for the whole team. Be ready to fulfill the rear guard roll should it fall to you. Consider it in your deployment, and stand ready to move to face the flanking enemy as the others move forward.

..8. Always regroup before entering another phase of the battle.
Don’t get carried away with small victories. Whatever kills might be earned in chasing are offset by the fatigue it cost you. If you get a moment to breath, take it and regroup.

..9. Always keep some units ready to help a team mate if needed.
Be ready and looking for the need long before it happens. It will take you time to get there.

..10. Always consider that the battle will be long and difficult.
Keep an eye on your energy bars, and always consider fatigue a major factor in your plans. And never underestimate your enemy, no matter who they are. Consider all who oppose you, heavily armed, and extremely dangerous......

An addition
Always trust that your team mates have done the best that could be done, according to the battle as they saw it. Each of us comes with different experience, and each has a unique point of view of the battle. Each has different skills and different weaknesses. It is in teamwork that these things get welded together to the advantage of all.

[Edit by ^Glyndwr^] Written by and thanks to Tomisama (20-4-2004)
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