Samura Warlords Unit Uses

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Samura Warlords Unit Uses

Post by ^Glyndwr^ on Fri 23 May 2008, 23:34

Some information that could help newcomers to the Mod, to better undertand the units used in the Samurai Warlords beta5 Mod.

Samurai Warlords Unit Uses

Yari Ashigaru is an anti-cav unit, and thatís all it is. Use it against cavalry and not against melee infantry.

Yari Samurai is also an anti-cav unit, but is nearly two times stronger than YA in melee and most of this extra combat power is defensive.
Therefore, it can hold a stronger melee unit for a while especially if the YS is in Hold formation.

No-Dachi is a melee unit that can beat yari samurai, has enough morale to charge teppo and is an excellent unit to use for flanking due to its high speed and large charge bonus. However, it loses to all the cav units and therefore has to be protected by an anti-cav unit if there is cav around. ND is vulnerable to archers because it has low armour.

Warrior Monk is the best melee infantry with high morale and high speed and will beat everything except for HCav. With a good charge, NCav can beat WM. WM is vulnerable to archers because it has low armour.

Naginata infantry are nearly as strong as WM, but have very little offensive power. So, they are best used to hold the line for a long time or to make a slow but steady advance if their flanks are protected by some other units. They are heavily armoured which protects them from archers, but teppo are still effective against them.

Portuguese Teppo are good if your plan is to neutralize the enemy teppo during the skirmish phase. They are more effective when used in three ranks when skirmishing, but two ranks when repelling melee attacks especially in the end game. Rain stops them from shooting.

Japanese Teppo are good if your plan is to win the skirmish phase since they are 50% more effective than the PT. They are more effective when used in three ranks when skirmishing but two ranks when repelling melee attacks especially in the end game. Rain stops them from shooting.

Samurai Archers can defeat teppo and YA in melee but lose to everything else. They can beat a Portuguese teppo and a CA in ranged duel and are equal against Japanese teppo. However, since they are more expensive than teppo they are best used to support their own teppo to help win the skirmish phase. They can then move up along with their own teppo to shoot the enemy infantry.

Cavalry Archers are as fully effective as samurai archers with their bows, but will lose to the other three ranged unit types because CA are a larger target due to the size of the horse. CA are good at provoking an enemy response when used on the flanks and can also be very effective on enemy melee units if their use is delayed until the enemy ranged units are depleted in strength, have run out of ammo or if rain has stopped the teppo from shooting. They are also good to use for chasing routed enemy units. They are not very good in melee but good enough to beat ranged units such as PT, JT and SA in melee.

Yari Cavalry is an anti-cav unit and is the fastest unit. You see it misused a lot to charge teppo but this is not its intended purpose. It is too expensive for that and only has moderate moral and melee power. It is best used to protect ranged units against cav attack or to make flank attacks on enemy units.

Naginata Cavalry is similar to but 40% less powerful than HSCav. It is good for attacking both melee and ranged infantry except of course yari infantry. It should not engage YCav frontally because it will lose.

Heavy Samurai Cavalry is the most powerful cav and might be slightly under priced. It can do everything the NCav can do only better. Only the YSam can decisively beat the HSCav. The YCav and YAsh are equal in match up against the HSCav but lower in morale. At least the YCav is faster and can catch the HSCav which is another reason for not throwing away YCav on teppo attacks.
If a HSCav comes tearing through your formation during the main melee, it is bad news for you.

With thanks to Puzz3D


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