How to Install Samurai Warlords Sound Add-on

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How to Install Samurai Warlords Sound Add-on

Post by ^Glyndwr^ on Fri 23 May 2008, 23:30

The Sound Add-On.

This installs all original sounds and voice files of Shogun:Total War
to the Samurai Warlords mod, betas 5 & 8.
I've made two versions. One for each version of the mod.
Currently beta_8 is in use for Single players and beta_5 for Multiplayers.
Accordingly beta_5 users need the beta_5 add-on and beta_8 users get the beta_8 add-on.

Click on the link below to download the version you want to install.

Sound Add-On for beta 5:Download  ~80 MB

Sound Add-On for beta 8:=> Download ~116.11 MB
Click on the Skip Ad in the top right corner of new window to see the Download.

When installing and it asks for the path to install to.
Click the Browse button.  
Point the installer at the main folder of the Medieval install that contains the mod on your computer.
For example......C:\Program Files\Total War\Medieval Total War

The main difference between the beta_5 and beta_8 add-on's is the size of the download.
The beta_5 download misses the campaign map sounds, which aren't needed for Multiplayer.

Here's an attempt at a list of included sounds:
(All voice files are in japanese)
- Battle Events
- Troop orders
- Battlefield Music
- Campaign map music (beta 8 only)
- frontend (menu and MP lobby) music
- Menu sounds
- arrow sound
- heavy rain sound

With thanks to R'as al Ghul
Edit by ^Glyndwr^


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